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Perm and neutralise hair: Step 5 - Nine-section perm winding

nine section methods

This involves dividing the hair into nine neat sections (see right) in readiness for perm winding. You should copy this technique on a head of hair using a perm rod to measure each section and checking that a perm rod will fit in each section across the whole head. Once this is complete, you can start to wind each section. When training, it is easier to start winding the perm rods from the nape area, beginning in the central section and then winding left and right nape sections.

When sectioning, you need to follow the same principle as for roller setting by taking the same size section as the length and width of the perm rod. The section of hair should then be held at a 90 degree angle (straight out) from the head, the end paper placed on the hair and, keeping good, even tension on the hair, use both hands to wind the perm rod towards the scalp. Secure the perm rod close to the scalp by placing the perm rubber securely over the end of the rod.

Continue winding the centre crown section and then the left and right crown sections. Lastly, wind the centre top section and then both left and right side sections.

It is important to check whether any of the perm rods are too tight as this can cause a pull burn, which, if scratched, can become infected and result in folliculitis (see page 93). This can be done by visual checking and asking the client if any rods are pulling.

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