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Perm and neutralise hair: Step-by-Step Guide

p>Begin by correctly gowning your client. Next, prepare the hair ready for perming by shampooing, using a soapless base shampoo, to ensure no residue is left on the hair, which could act as a barrier between the perm lotion and the hair.

Factors influencing the service
These are sometimes known as critical influencing factors and are anything that could affect the perming process, for example, hair condition. They must be taken into account for each individual client during the initial consultation before the perm is attempted.
You have already learned what needs to be assessed during a consultation for perming, but how can you be sure that you understand the curl size the client requires? Only by taking the time to discuss thoroughly the required results of the perm can you be certain you have gathered all the necessary information. Often a client will come in with a style book or picture of permed hair asking for the same result. You should explain that you can do something similar, but the model in the picture may have more or thicker hair, so the results will be slightly different.

Other critical influencing factors you need to take into account are:
temperature of the salon
direction and size of the curl required
hair condition
previous chemical treatments
hair texture

Once you have considered the above, you will have the necessary information to
choose the correct strength perm lotion, correct size perm rods, correct winding
technique, application of perm lotion technique, and whether it is necessary to use
added heat to aid processing.

When shampooing before a perm, use only cool/tepid water and do not massage vigorously to avoid over stimulation of the scalp. This could open the skin’s pores and hair follicles, which, when perm lotion is added, may cause scalp irritation.

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