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Corrective haircolouring: Step 6 - Your questions answered SoColor

How do you convert to SoColor from another brand of haircolour?
When changing a client to SoColor from another permanent haircolour product, use the Four Basic Rules and the SoColor Consultation Centre.

1. Determine the natural level.
2. Determine the existing colour level.
3. Determine the existing tonal level.
4. Select the volume of developer for proper amount of lift or deposit.

The Consultation Centre makes it very easy to create a SoColor formula that will match the client’s current tint. Trust your eyes when making a comparison, then follow the procedures for a retouch application.

If I am mixing a combination of colours, how do I know what the final level will be?
It’s easy to determine the final level when you mix several colours. Simply add the level numbers together and divide by the number of parts used.

Formula is one part 15ml (1/2 oz) 7 Dark Blonde and two parts 30ml (1 oz) 10 Extra Light Blonde.
7 + 10 + 10 = 27
Divide 27 by 3 (number of parts used)
and you get 9.
27 3 = 9
Your formula is on a level of 9.

What products are used to pre-treat porous or damaged hair?
1. For porous or slightly damaged hair, apply Matrix Essential Instacure Leave-in Treatment on pre-shampooed hair.
2. On over-porous or damaged hair, give a Matrix Essentials 5+ Protopak Restructurising Treatment 48 hours prior to the service.
Remember, SoColor is applied to dry hair.

How do you convert from a doubleprocess application (bleach and tone) to an Ultra Light Series?
Consider the following:
� The difference in porosity between the bleached hair and the area with the Ultra Light application will result in a line of demarcation. To blend, use a filler to replace the missing pigmentation on the bleached hair, and follow with the appropriate formula to match the scalp area.
Careful application techniques at the growth area are a must. Do not overlap.
Selection of the UL-Series colour is important. Do not use UL-A. To do so will create an off-tone band.

What do I need to consider when
foiling with the Ultra Light Series?
When using the Ultra Light or Ultra Palest Blonde Series with foil, the colour must be applied carefully. Use enough product to cover the hair strand, but do not over-saturate. During oxidation, the oxygen release could create some expansion of the colour product at the base of the foil packet.

Can a heat source be used to process
SoColor is formulated to work at room temperature, using the heat generated by the scalp. Processing SoColor with a hairdryer or heat lamp will change its consistency, and therefore additional heat is not recommended as this will give unpredictable results.

Can the Ultra Light Series or any of the other SoColor shades be used to lift already coloured hair?
No, permanent hair colour cannot lift any other artificial hair pigment.

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