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Corrective haircolouring: Step 5 - Tint removal

p>Occasionally, it may be necessary to remove a tint that is too dark such as when the client requests a lighter shade or when changing tone.

For colour removal, we recommend Color Erase Color Remover. It is an ideal choice for all types of haircolour removal because it’s fast, mild and effective, leaving the hair in optimum condition for recolouring.

Hot roots
If the client wants to subdue the intensity at the scalp area, choose a Matrix tone on tone colour in a neutral to ash tone. Apply quickly and remove when desired softening of tone has been achieved. If the client wants to match the ends to the bright roots, use a colour remover such as Colour Erase mixed with SoLite 10 Volume Creme Developer. Apply quickly and shampoo off when the level of your shafts and ends is slightly lighter than desired level.
Glaze over the shafts and ends with a tone on tone
colour in a warm or red tone to match the scalp area.
Be careful to consider porosity when formulating this final colour.

Tint does not remove tint.
To lighten a tint, the hair must be decolourised to the underlying pigment stage of the desired colour result. Never decolourise beyond a pale yellow, as that may cause unnecessary damage to the hair. If in doubt about the stage of lift needed, refer to the Natural Underlying Pigmentation Chart.
Do not apply Color Erase directly to the scalp.
We do not recommend using the Ash Series after tint removal because the hair may be more porous and the result may be too cool. If you want cool results, use the Neutral Series.

Desired level : 7 neutral
Underlying pigmentation : Dark Gold/Light Orange
Remove colour to a Dark Gold/Light Orange. Rinse and shampoo. Apply equal amounts of SoColor 7 neutral and 10 Volume SoLite Developer.
Time 20 - 30 minutes.

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