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Hair type, texture and density

Type of hair

There are three types of hair:

* African Caribbean
* Asian
* Caucasian (European)

African Caribbean

Usually very tightly curled and often very dark, African Caribbean hair is almost kidney shaped when seen in cross section.

African Caribbean hair is easily damaged. Take care when using treatments, particularly chemical treatments.


Asian hair is often straight and has a tendency to be lank. It varies in colour from very dark to medium brown and can be thick and very strong. In cross section, it is round.

If you cut Asian hair very short, it can stand straight out from the head.


Caucasian or European hair can be straight, wavy or curly. It varies in colour from very dark brown to light blonde. In cross section, European hair is oval.


Hair can be:

* fine
* medium
* coarse

When we refer to hair as being 'fine', 'medium' or 'coarse', we mean that each hair is fine, medium or coarse. The texture of hair is determined by its circumference and the condition of the cuticle. Fine hair has a small circumference and a closed cuticle, coarse hair has a much larger circumference and the cuticle will be more open. This will lead to the hair being more porous.

The texture of hair can determine what looks you are able to achieve. If hair is naturally coarse or if it appears to be coarse because the cuticle is open and damaged, you will not be able to successfully achieve a smooth look.

The texture of hair can vary significantly according to hair colour and racial type (see also How hair grows).


Density relates to the number of hairs on the head. A client with fine-textured hair may have many more hairs on their head than someone whose hair is coarse. The number of hairs on the scalp depends on many influences and varies enormously but average densities are believed to be:

* for natural blonde hair - 130,000
* for natural red hair - 80,000
* for natural brown hair - 100,000
* for natural black hair - 100,000

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